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Further work on Panoramas

Today I was able to spend some more time exploring Geosquan’s panoramas.  I mostly explored what he has already done, so that I could get a feel for what is capable with existing free solutions.  I used Casa’s Photo Overlay Creator to see if I could get the 360 degree view that Geosquan has on his website and was successful.  I also manually placed Geosquan’s pictures in Google, and used Sketchup to create some basic models to represent the houses on the beach.

Overview of Immiersive Solutions FOV of Casa’s tool too large

The Photo Overlay Creator does not allow the user to change the orientation of the picture.  So when I flew into both of the pictures they were shifted off the correct orientation.  Also the field of vision is too big, as shown in the second picture.  Since the software is not open source we will need to examine how adjusting the picture will effect the orientation and FOV.

By manually placing the photos in Google I was able to create content similar to Google’s HD content.  Floating pictures that you can zoom into.  They are not as immersive as Casa’s tool, but at least the orientation is correct.

The transitions from view to view still needs to be worked on.  I was trying to use Sketchup to create models to act as a transition tool, I’m not sure how well it worked.  I have not been using Google’s Sketchup for very long and I will have to continue playing with it to get the correct textures on the buildings.  Maybe if the models look more like the building and not white and gray blocks it would engage the viewer more.

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  1. September 6, 2008 at 9:05 pm

    This is not specifically related to GIS, but where did you learn to use WordPress? I wouldn’t be at all opposed to you deleting this comment, but if you could drop me with a pointer as to where you got started, I’d be greatly appreciative. Great site. Thanks.

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