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Google Street View Viewshed Validation

Viewshed based off of Google Street View

I validated the Google Street View based viewshed and found the viewsheds were correct to about 350-425 meters. After that point the images in Google Street View became too pixilated to reliably view the location where the image terminated. In the left image, the area in red highlights the area I could not see in the Goolgle Images but could when in person.

In the example to the right I could see to about 425 meters to the north and theViewshed Based on Google Street View south, beyond that point it became too blurry in the images. When I went to the location, the terrain was very flat and I was able to see approximately 2,000 meters to the south and make out the highway underpass and overpass with the aid of ten power binoculars. Looking to the north the image probably extended at least 2,000 meters but became too hazy to tell where the view terminated.

It should be noted that the distance limitation attributed to the Google Street View images may be too conservative but it was furthest I felt comfortable extending the viewshed based on the pixilation and discernable features in the imagery. Also for the purpose of these viewsheds I am most concerned about being able to discern person or vehicle sized objects on the ground, so I ignore if I can see the tops of trees or buildings.

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