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No High Speed Internet for Rural Areas

July 8, 2011 1 comment

I live in an idyllic part of the country in a rural setting.  We can look out our window and see nothing but farmland, distant homes and the horizon, it is beautiful.  However, because we live in the country we do not have that many choices for high-speed internet.  We used to have a wireless provider until the old coal power plant smokestacks were torn down to make room for a solar biofuel company.  Now our only options are dial-up, satellite or cellular.  We chose Verizon cellular “Broadband” which consists of connection speeds ranging from 0.2 – 1.2 Mbps.  We usually download about 12 GB a month (which is us scrimping) which cost $100 ($80 for the plan, 10GB and $20 in overage charges).

I previously mapped out which homes in my area had access to cable ( and determined we are 1.2 miles from where the cable terminates.  I contacted Time Warner Cable in an attempt to see how much it would cost to lay the needed cable.  Over the phone they told me it would cost $30,000 per mile, however they did state that if I wanted an official estimate I could pay $150.  The real cost was $24,381 minus my $150 and minus their labor $1,000.  So approximately $20,000 a mile, better than I expected but still too expensive for me.Time Warner quote