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Cost to Lay Cable for Caribou Residents

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Of the 320 buildings not serviced by Time Warner cable how much would each resident/owner of the buildings have to pay to get cable?  Assuming each building is owned by separate resident and assuming each resident approached Time Warner individually (not as a collective group)  they would be expected to pay an average of $2,590.  $828,600 / 320 = $2,589.375.  However, some of the residents are within a half a mile of where the cable terminates and others are several miles.  Between $1,000 to $60,000 per installation.  Below is a graph chart that shows how many residents would be expected to pay based on cost.

Based on a median income of $36,779 as of 2009 for Caribou residents I belive the cost is out of most people’s reach, even if Time warner contributes $1,000 per installation as they did on the estimate they gave me.


Rural Internet in Caribou ME

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Been a while eh?  A while back (June of 2011) I mapped out who could get Time Warner service in Caribou ME and who couldn’t.  I used the 2010 NAIP imagery to digitize all the homes in Caribou.  The homes in the rural areas I verified that they appeared to be used as well as the location where the cable seemed to terminate on the telephone lines.  Furthermore those homes/buildings that were set further back than 300 feet were also excluded since according to Time Warner this is too far to install cable for free.  These findings were compared with the results from to make sure I wasn’t excluding or adding any homes that did/did not have cable.  Based on this methodology Caribou had 3200 building of which 320 did not have access to cable.

By measuring where the cable stopped and which buildings did not have cable I estimated that for the whole city to be serviced an additional 218,726 feet, or 41.43 miles of cable would need to be laid.  At a cost of $20,000 per mile this would equate into a cost of $828,600 for Time Warner.