What is The Curious GIS?

When I was a kid I would play computer games on my dad’s computer. I remember playing Sierra’s Quest for Glory Series and the AD&D Eye of the Beholder series. In each of these games I always had a piece of paper and pencil nearby so I could map out the world, one grid square at a time.

When I was a young man I went to New Jersey for an education for a few years. I did not stay in one location but was constantly moving around, one month here, four there. In each of these areas I would buy a map, delineate the area I was transversing and start to make annotations throughout.

With the availability of affordable GPS receivers I have been able to make my own geographically correct maps. With the abundance of free/open source geographic information systems, GIS, I have been able to improve my rudimentary maps that can combine location with analysis. I have recently gone back to school to learn more about the geographic information sciences. It seems the more I learn the less I know.

Hopefully this blog will be a collection of the processes I use in my quest for understanding on how to create geographic relevancy with the communities of my life.

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