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Margaret Baxter from Scotland to Canada

January 24, 2014 1 comment

Since last September I have become sucked into the black hole called genealogy. I have been working a rather frustrating cousin, Margaret Baxter (born about 1878 in either Ayr, Scotland or Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland) Married to James McNay with whom she had six children then subsequently abandoned and went to Canada. Where she allegedly married James Albert Watson and had at least one more child, Mary Watson. However, I haven’t been able to find any information on her prior to her getting married to James McNay (simply that she was a farm servant, possibly one of the witnesses to her marriage was associated with her work and her parents names which don’t match any known couples that I can find).

Below is a map using Rootsmapper that shows her origins in Scotland and their trip to Canada (actually her son James and his daughter Elizabeth since I don’t know if she really died in Canada). Rootsmapper uses the LDS Family Tree database to link up birth and death information of the people to show migration patterns.


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No High Speed Internet for Rural Areas

July 8, 2011 1 comment

I live in an idyllic part of the country in a rural setting.  We can look out our window and see nothing but farmland, distant homes and the horizon, it is beautiful.  However, because we live in the country we do not have that many choices for high-speed internet.  We used to have a wireless provider until the old coal power plant smokestacks were torn down to make room for a solar biofuel company.  Now our only options are dial-up, satellite or cellular.  We chose Verizon cellular “Broadband” which consists of connection speeds ranging from 0.2 – 1.2 Mbps.  We usually download about 12 GB a month (which is us scrimping) which cost $100 ($80 for the plan, 10GB and $20 in overage charges).

I previously mapped out which homes in my area had access to cable ( and determined we are 1.2 miles from where the cable terminates.  I contacted Time Warner Cable in an attempt to see how much it would cost to lay the needed cable.  Over the phone they told me it would cost $30,000 per mile, however they did state that if I wanted an official estimate I could pay $150.  The real cost was $24,381 minus my $150 and minus their labor $1,000.  So approximately $20,000 a mile, better than I expected but still too expensive for me.Time Warner quote



February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

It amazes me that I still get about 200 people looking at this blog every month, especially since I haven’t touched it since April.  I no longer work with GIS every day, maybe once every couple of weeks.  As such many of the ideas and thoughts concerning GIS have subsided.  However, I still have to finish up my schooling in GIS and I have decided to open this blog up from a strictly GIS blog to cover many other things that have a geographic touch to them.

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Broadband Access

April 15, 2009 3 comments

I currently connect to the Internet with a wireless carrier.  I get around one megabit down and 128 k up, not the best but much better than dial-up.  I have been trying to convince Time Warner that my area needs to have cable, however they informed me that there neds to be at least 15 houses per mile for them to consider laying cable in the area.  Using www.cablemover.comI mapped out the houses in my area that have cable and those that do not as well as how many homes are on each mile increment of road.  There seems to be a few exceptions to the 15 buildings per mile.  Unfortunately, Time Warner is not going to be running cable in my area anytime soon.

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Where have I been?

December 21, 2008 1 comment

Well it has been a while since I last posted and honestly I am filled with wonder that people still are looking at this blog.  It has been a few months since I last posted.  Anyway, in the last couple of months I have relocated my family 2600 miles and then driven another 2600 for a temporary job.  Not much time has been devoted to anything else; including GIS.

However, school is starting in a few weeks so hopefully I will once again begin thinking in GIS and get back to this blog.

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Lots happening

July 29, 2008 Leave a comment
Hyperspectral data cube

Hyperspectral data cube

It is self evident that I have not written for a few months.  Quite a few things have been happening that have successfully derailed my aspiring blog posts.  School continues, this semester I was studying remote sensing.  I do have to say that hyperspectral imaging as well as synthetic aperture radar have been difficult.   Besides school I was in the midst of changing my work description and I am currently in the midst of relocating to another part of the country; this has eaten up the majority of my time.

Hopefully when this relocation is finished and we get settled things will get back to normal or at least my schedule will somewhat normalize.  I have quite a few things I would like to finish writing about (GIS related of course) but up to this point they are just half finished ideas.

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